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The three-day Shanghai Forum 2018 came to a close at Fudan University on Monday.

This year, nearly 1,000 political, business and academic elites and media representatives from all over the world gathered for the forum which was themed "Asia"s Responsibilities in a World of Change".

The forum consisted of seminars and roundtable discussions regarding matters such as international relations, the Belt and Road Initiative, artificial intelligence, green governance and the response to aging populations.

During the event, forum participants gave suggestions for how Shanghai, China and Asia should react to prevailing economic patterns and the international political situation, as well as how Asia can offer its resources and play a larger role in global governance.

The forum came to the conclusion that the current fragmented and inefficient system of global governance has become incapable of coping with the emerging global challenges. As such, Asia needs to consolidate its cooperation efforts to tackle the challenges.

Before the closing ceremony, the forum’s organizing committee held a discussion titled "Brain Science and Machine Learning: What Next?" where guests exchanged thoughts on the issues faced in relevant fields and proposed suggestions for breaking down bottlenecks.