Search on design wristbands ukfor owner of drifting ship in East China Sea

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Authorities are still looking for the owner of a ship which was found drifting in the East China Sea. [Photo provided to]

Marine police and fishing authorities from both China and South Korea are searching for the owner of a drifting ship, found by Zhoushan fishermen in the waters of the East China Sea on Tuesday morning.

The three-storey ship, about 30-40 meters long and 10 meters in width, was spotted by a fishing boat from the Zhejiang Haishangtong Satellite Communications Ltd and is being hauled back to the Zhoushan ports. 

"Upon approaching the empty ship, we blew the horn and tried to communicate with it through loudspeakers, but no replies were received," said Wang Weiping, captain of the Zhedai 03158 fishing boat, which first spotted the ship .

"Upon boarding the ship, we found a name card indicating that it is a South Korean ship traveling between Busan to Fukuoka in Japan," Wang told the local Zhejiang Daily.

It might take five days before the ship is pulled back to Zhoushan, and Wang said he will inform and hand it to the China Coast Guard when his fishing boat pulls over.

"The marine police of South Korea just called back saying they are still searching for the owner of this ship," Wang said on Wednesday.

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